The Greek marble in a different way…

The Greek marble in a different way…

The Greek marble, an unusual material for jewelry creation, was chosen by the designer Xenia – Nefelly Vlachou, as a way to honour her country and her ancient Greek heritage both in Greece and abroad.

The Cycladic figurines, the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, the beehive tombs of Mycenae, the bronze peplos-wearing statue, are all transformed in her hand into impressive pieces of microsculpture jewelry, many of which are sold at museum shops, such as the Museum of Cycladic Art, thus giving the opportunity to many tourists to take a modern sample of Greek history back home.
The challenge of the material

The challenge of the material

The marble is a challenge for every jewelry-maker, because it is a strong material that does not give up itself easily to the hand of the creator”, the founder of Marmarometry explains. “When cut in smaller pieces, it becomes more fragile and it allows us to harness its wild beauty. But even creations that have been created using the same piece of marble are different, this is why each piece is special and unique.”
Return of the Parthenon marbles

Return of the Parthenon marbles

Marmarometry supports the return of the Parthenon marbles.

«My aim is to support the Greek element, by using a timeless material in a progressive and contemporary way. I also want to remind the wider public the issue of the return of the marbles to their homeland. In this way fashion can make a political statement, sending its own messages.».

Xenia – Nefelly Vlachou


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