The dynamic comeback of Yiannis Tseklenis

The dynamic comeback of Yiannis Tseklenis

Yiannis Tseklenis is a pioneering, internationally acclaimed fashion designer with covers in Vogue, The Times, the Daily Telegraph, Figaro and the Washington Post, among others, and presence in museums such as the Victoria & Albert in London and the New York Metropolitan. His creations have had presence at the large stores of the world in more than forty markets, including Harrods, Selfridges, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. The artist who placed Greece on the international fashion map has recently made a dynamic comeback.

The progressive textile designs by Tseklenis, inspired by the ancient Greek culture and Greek painters such as Yiannis Gaitis, were presented in April of 2017 in an exhibition devoted to his work entitled: “Tseklenis Tribute: The 70s Drawings Revisited”, which took place at the i-D Concept Stores.

Three Greek designers, Sophia Kokosalaki, Angelos Bratis and Dolly Boukoyannis, revived in their own ways his designs, in order to honour his contribution to the Greek world of fashion.
Ancient Greek designs

Ancient Greek designs

Yiannis Tseklenis was one of the first designers to depict images from ancient Greek pottery, byzantine mosaics and Aegean architecture on his garments…Another thirty of his collections are inspired by important artists such as El Greco, Rafaello, Pierre Joseph Redouté, Piero Aversa, Henri Rousseau and others.

Apart from his fashion collections, the Tseklenis signature has marked a number of objects. From fashion accessories, to tiles, sheets, suitcases and professional uniforms (e.g. Olympic Airways staff), to the interior design of vehicles and airplanes. The Public Transportation vehicles of Greece – such as buses and trains – were designed in the past by Tseklenis.
Tseklenis digital

Tseklenis digital

In 1992, the multi-talented designer retired from Fashion and decided to focus on the design of hotels, mansions and private houses. Recently, however, he seems to have found a new expression for his creative explorations, by designing silk scarves with the use of the latest technology in digital printing, in cooperation with the company Tsiakiris Silk Printing in Soufli.
The Greek creation is alive

The Greek creation is alive

Every meeting with Yiannis Tseklenis is a lesson regarding art, fashion, tourism and of course culture and the greatness of the Greek heritage.

«In order for the Greek designers to succeed abroad, they need the support of the State. There are many names that can prove to the international fashion industry that high quality Greek production is still alive. The creation of a national export strategy is a very important undertaking that the country should develop.».

Yiannis Tseklenis

Website: www.tseklenisfoulards.com/

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