From antiquity to global markets

During a difficult period for their country, Greek artists re-introduce the Ancient Greek civilization to the global Design, Fashion and Gastronomy scenes, by transforming history into creativity. By showcasing - on a global scale - the invaluable legacy of their cultural heritage, these artists become ambassadors for their country of origin and contribute to Greece’s assertive ‘Rebranding’. Branding Heritage proves that Modern Greek creativity is as productive and imaginative as ever and can claim its rightful place in the global markets. It supports brands that revive ancient crafts by creating products of high cultural value and promotes the work of designers, artists and entrepreneurs from Greece and abroad that glorifies the ‘global’ Greek heritage. 

Ancient Greek invasion in modern design

Greek antiquity has repeatedly become a central inspiration theme of top fashion designers, who lead the global fashion industry. The greatness of ancient Greek Art continues to inspire and drive artistic creations internationally: from Mariano Fortuny, Madeleine Vionnet and Madame Grès who led this trend in the past century by artfully capturing in their designs the draping of ancient Greek garments, to the recent Chanel collection ‘The Modernity of Antiquity’ designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Cultural Entrepreneurship

The non-profit organization Branding Heritage becomes a point of reference and has established the first international community of prominent creators who express themselves artistically on the basis of the endless wealth of ancient Greek heritage. These contemporary creations which bear the eternal symbols and the history of Greece become the vehicle for a series of awareness-raising and publicity activities on an international scale. For this reason, our online platform is supported by the Branding Heritage Advisory Board of Experts, which is a network of prominent scientists with international influence, such as archaeologists, social scientists, sociologists, economists, successful art professionals and entrepreneurs who share the Organisation’s vision and offer their knowledge on the timeless value of Greek culture, as well as the dynamic potential of cultural entrepreneurship.

Branding Heritage focuses on the aim of showcasing and promoting cultural heritage and supporting cultural entrepreneurship, viewing the latter as a major pillar of the Greek economy. The organization signals the beginning of a joint effort between the public and the private sectors in order to prove that Greece is not just a country which is adversely affected by the financial crisis, but is rather a modern nation with rich history and potential whose artists and entrepreneurs manage to evolve and create despite the adverse conditions. Branding Heritage joins forces with every Brand that honours the Ancient Greek culture, with the following aim: to prove that cultural heritage is linked to the country’s financial recovery.