Friday, 27 January 2017 11:43

The Explosion of Greek Chic

Symbols from ancient Greece are being granted new life in the hands of talented artists who, through their elaborate jewelry, are reviving thousand-year-old Greek designs on an international stage. Deeply influenced by the history and the myths of times long past, these designers draw on ancient Greek shapes and designs, plucked from paintings, pottery motifs, sculptures, engraved stones, architectural elements and reliefs.

Necklaces and pendants inspired by the Mycenaean civilization, earrings influenced by elaborate Minoan styles, and brooches reminiscent of jewelry unearthed in excavations in Crete, ancient Corinth and Pylos all take form in their workshops. From there, these items travel to customers around the world. Even marble, an unconventional material for jewelry, has been transformed into an ambassador of design within and beyond Greece’s borders.

During a period of instability, these artists are honoring their roots and drawing on elements from those ancient periods of their country which so enthrall the world. Using this valuable heritage to their advantage, they have set about rejuvenating the image of their country through artistic excellence.


The creators and brands mentioned herein are (in order of reference): Sophia Kokosalaki, Ioanna Souflia, Nefelly Vlachou, Polina Sapouna-Ellis, Eva Papadopoulou, Voula Karampatzaki, Fey Papanikou, Maria Lalaouni.

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