Cultural Organisation Branding Heritage is devoted to highlighting ancient Greek culture as an everlasting inspiration of contemporary artists. BH designs multifaceted cultural events promoting cultural heritage and cultural entrepreneurship, supports the revival of ancient techniques, showcases artistic creation that pays tribute to the global Greek heritage across borders while also bringing kids and youth closer to their roots.

Branding Heritage is building community. A community of vision, drive, inspiration and action to revive our cultural heritage, experience it through contemporary creation and make it an active part of our daily life. Our community is essential to us. It is the heart of our undertaking as we are all carriers and ambassadors of our culture. 

Our community’s support is key. By supporting our cause, you become part of our cultural journey, enabling the organisation to fulfil and serve its ambitious vision and goals, to deliver original and creative activities that promote our culture across borders and interactive actions that enable participants to experience culture in unique ways. 

Be a part of this effort & spread the word! Your support is invaluable for the organisation to achieve its goals.